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Mont di Hattrick

Competizions Corintis

Cope dal Mont al è ae Finâl
Prossime partide: Vuê 20:00
Cope dal Mont U21 al è ae Turni 4
Prossime partide: Vinars 20:00

Prossimis Competizions

Hattrick Masters nol è ancjemò tacât.
Prossime partide: 1-10-2022 20:00
Trofeu de Setemane dai Supporter nol è ancjemò tacât.
Prossime partide: Vuê 18:00

Campions in cjarie

Cope dal Mont Cope dal Mont U21 Hattrick Masters Trofeu de Setemane dai Supporter
Svuizare Schweiz Spagne U21 España Smokinglirarna Draggen United
Paron: Morelos Paron: Oro-Flavio_86 Paron: _Bele_ Paron: gunta

Hattrick Press

11-28-2021 Flag Hunting

I would like to write about the origin of my successful federation Caranza's Flags For Friends (111325) in which I help managers with all the flags that they are still missing in their collection.

Starting from this season we are also giving away free credits among members.

732 visitis Scrit di Caranza

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11-7-2021 Geronimo! To be or not to be in it

Was the Apache League a good idea? Some seem to think so, some seem to be quite pessimistic about it. What are my impressions now that we are almost halfway through the first season? These are the thoughts of a committed participant in the new Apache League.

1834 visitis Scrit di Iorda9

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10-21-2021 How to be a newbie in HT?

After many past experiences in Hattrick, with very short, short or medium playing periods, I'm now more into the "let's take this a bit deeper" part of the game. In combining all my experiences from the previous periods in play, the forums, the (unwritten) manuals, ... I figured out I simply forgot to be a newbie. You have the right to be a newbie, and by all means, do what any newbie does: you do stupid things!

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Scuadris Nazionalis - Comunicâts stampe

11-30-2021 Svuizare U21 Schweiz: U17/U21 Schweiz
11-26-2021 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein: Scouting
11-23-2021 Gjamaiche Jamaica: Jamaica rebuilding
11-21-2021 Estonie U21 Eesti: Pealkirja pole.
11-20-2021 Bielorussie Belarus: Best 16
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